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 Asst. Prof. Ahmed S. Aly



My research focuses on the biology and host-parasite interactions of the malaria parasite in the mosquito and the mammalian hosts. My ultimate research goals are to discover novel drug targeting and vaccine candidates and the generation of effective and safe whole organism vaccines to help eradicate malaria. I aim to use my expertise in Plasmodium gene targeting techniques in the generation of attenuated parasites as live vaccines and tailor-made transgenic Plasmodium parasite strains as tools to explore the functions of various Plasmodium proteins and their essential roles in the malaria parasite life cycle. I will use the rodent malaria parasite models and Anopheles mosquitoes to generate and study all life cycle stages of Plasmodium

In my teaching approach, I try to simplify the teaching material by giving examples from everyday life to gain the attention of the students and catalyze their conceptual involvement.​

Education and Training:

Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

PhD, Heidelberg University

Diploma (MSc), Ulm University, Germany

BSc, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Honors and Awards:

·         2016: Listed as an inventor on US patent application entitled "Synthetic malaria immunogens, combinations thereof, and their use to prevent and treat malaria infections.

  • 2015: NIH-NIAID R21 Grant, Grant title: Selection of the Determinants of Plasmodium Sporozoite Infectivity and Motility.
  • 2015: TNPRC Pilot Studies Grant, Grant title: DNA-Vaccination against Plasmodium Liver Stage Exported Proteins in Presence of Prior SIV Infection.
  • 2012: Tulane COR Fellowship, Grant title: A Genetically-Attenuated Plasmodium Blood-Stage Vaccine that Protects Against Malaria.
  • 2008: Listed as an inventor on US and Australians patents entitled "Live Genetically Attenuated Malaria Vaccine".
  • 2005: Award for an outstanding presentation at Molecular Parasitology Meeting at Woods Hole, MA, USA.

Research Areas

  • Parasite-Host Interactions.
  • Vaccine Development.

List of Publications:

As A PhD Student:

1. Aly, AS and K Matuschewski. (2005) "A malarial cysteine protease is necessary for Plasmodium sporozoite egress from oocysts." Journal of Experimental Medicine. 202(2): p. 225-30.

As A Postdoctoral Scientist:

2. Mikolajczak, SA, AS Aly, and SH Kappe.(2007) "Preerythrocytic malaria vaccine development." Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases. 20(5): p. 461-6.

3. Aly, AS, SA Mikolajczak, HS Rivera, N Camargo, V Jacobs-Lorena, M Labaied, I Coppens, and SH Kappe.(2008) "Targeted deletion of SAP1 abolishes the expression of infectivity factors necessary for successful malaria parasite liver infection." Molecular Microbiology. 69(1): p. 152-63.

4. Mikolajczak, SA, AS Aly, RF Dumpit, AM Vaughan, and SH Kappe.(2008) "An efficient strategy for gene targeting and phenotypic assessment in the Plasmodium yoelii rodent malaria model." Molecular and Biochemical Parasitology. 158(2).

5. Mikolajczak, SA, H Silva-Rivera, X Peng, AS Tarun, N Camargo, V Jacobs-Lorena, TM Daly, LW Bergman, P de la Vega, J Williams, AS Aly, and SH Kappe.(2008) "Distinct malaria parasite sporozoites reveal transcriptional changes that cause differential tissue infection competence in the mosquito vector and mammalian host." Molecular and Cellular Biology. 28(20).

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11. MacKellar, DC, MT O'Neill, AS Aly, AF Cowman, SH Kappe. (2009) "A putative Plasmodium falciparum UIS4 localizes to the parasitophorous vacuole but does not complement lack of UIS4 in the liver stage of Plasmodium yoelii." Eukaryotic Cell. 9(5): p. 784-94.

12. Aly, AS, SE Lindner, D Mackellar, X Peng, and SH Kappe. (2011) "SAP1 is a critical posttranscriptional regulator of infectivity in malaria parasite sporozoite stages." Molecular Microbiology. 79(4): p. 929-39.

13. NS Butler, NW Schmidt, AM Vaughan, AS Aly, SH Kappe, JT Harty (2011) "Superior anti-malarial immunity after vaccination with late-liver-stage arresting genetically attenuated parasites." Cell Host and Microbe. 9(6): p. 451-62.

14. McKellar, DC, AM Vaughan, AS Aly, S DeLeon, SH Kappe (2011) "A systematic analysis of the early transcribed membrane protein family throughout the life cycle of Plasmodium yoelii." Cellular Microbiology. 13(11): p. 1755–1767.

As An Independent Principal Investigator:

*15. Hart, RJ, L Lawres, E Fritzen, C Ben Mamoun and AS Aly. (2014) "Plasmodium Vitamin B5 Pantothenate Transporter is Essential for Malaria Parasite Transmission to the Mosquito." Scientific Reports. 4: 5665.

16. Groat-Carmona, A, H Kain, J Brownell, AN Douglas, AS Aly, SH Kappe. (2015) "A Plasmodium α/β-hydrolase modulates the development of invasive stages." Cellular Microbiology. 17(12): p. 1848-1867.

*17. Hart, RJ, Ghaffar, A, S Abdalal, B Perrin and AS Aly. (2016) "Plasmodium ODC/SAMDC bi-functional enzyme is essential for sexual stages development and mosquito transmission." Biology Open. 1-8 doi:10.1242/bio.016352.

*18. Hart, RJ, E Cornillot, A Abraham, E Molina, C Nation, C Ben Mamoun and AS Aly. (2016) "Genetic Characterization of Plasmodium Putative Pantothenate Kinase Genes Reveals Their Essential Role in Malaria Parasite Transmission to the Mosquito." Scientific Reports. 6: 33518.

*19. Hart, RJ, A Abraham and AS Aly. (2017) "Characterization of the CoA biosynthesis pathway in Plasmodium yoelii reveals distinct essential roles in the blood and during mosquito transmission." Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology. Accepted Article - In press.

20. Gopalakrishnan, A, AS Aly, N Kumar. (2017) "Genetic Recombination and Hotspot Recognition in Plasmodium." mBIO. Accepted Article - In press.

22. Chiu, J, JE Choi, et al, AS Aly, D Voelker and C Ben Mamoun. (2016) "Evidence for antimalarial and antifungal activity of the pantothenamide α-PanAm through competitive inhibition of pantothenate phosphorylation." Scientific Reports. Accepted Aricle-In Press

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* As Senior Corresponding Author